I fell in love with the idea of LOVEE™ and made it a reality. It’s a personal way to express yourself. Not just through jewelry or style, but both the design and uses continue to change and evolve as you do. LOVEE™ is jewelry that evolves with you as you continue to grow as a beautiful person. LOVEE™ is a reflection of that growth.

About Me

And so, the story begins, you learn to make room for unexpected opportunities that might come your way; one never knows when an ahh-haaa moment will strike. Sometimes unexpected opportunities find us when we least expect it, and when this happens it's truly a blessing that was meant to happen. How this came to be is another story in itself, but the most important thing is that I did have a single thought that spiraled in my brain and it is now an awesome reality.

Our Goals and Objectives

MY PAL, Inc. is a business that designs, manufactures, markets and distributes personal accessories for women, men and children. Our product includes Lockets Of Vision, Encouragement and Empowerment, LOVEE. The LOVEE is a piece of modern jewelry - a multi-functional, interchangeable, personal locket for bracelets and necklaces. This unique jewelry item will also have inspirational messages inscribed on the inside of each locket.

Our focus is to offer functionality and interchangeability. Our new product line will be instrumental in giving everyone choices.

Our products are proudly made in the USA.

Our Vision

Our vision consists of a precision interchangeable multi-functional piece of jewelry that women, men and children can wear and enjoy that is recognized across the globe. It is called a LOVEE. It’s exciting because it has many facets that the consumers can use. They can pick and choose to use it in a variety of ways and can add to their collection. The aromatherapy benefit to people is significant, it will allow people to use essential oils on a regular basis and do so in a quality piece of jewelry that is interchangeable. The LOVEE itself can be used as a locket for a variety of reasons, or simply to wear as a nice piece of jewelry as a bracelet or necklace pendant. Our Lovee product line offers multi-functionality and interchangeability and is proudly made in the USA.