Why always last..not first for scheduled delivery times? You can be first to buy our Nibble charm

Why always the last one..not first for scheduled delivery times? You can be the first to know about our Nibble charms

We've all been there, so you can admit it and acknowledge that there have been times you have been frustrated because you expect a delivery person or delivery within a four hour window. What happens...ha.....you're the last one!!   Why, oh why can't you be FIRST, just once??  Well.....this time you can!!   Be the first to be in the know and order your Nibble charm!!  Yes, you heard it here first.  The time has come and we couldn't be happier to keep you in the loop and let you know, you are the very first to hear our fantastic news.  At last, the wait is over for the Nibble, stay tuned for future news on the Lovee locket, it WILL be in 2018!  We thank you so very much for your patience and want you to know that we can hardly contain ourselves with excitement.

Inline image 1May it be a very Happy New Year!,  May you and your family enjoy continued good health, peace and success in all you do.  
There are many people who have been aware of what I have been doing on the side for the last 4+ years.  In addition to being a full time real estate agent and consistently being a successful top producer, I have been busy on my Lovee journey.  In case you don't know, my Lovee journey is one that began in October 2013 and at last I am at the "starting gate".  What is Lovee?  Good question.  It's a jewelry design I created that is still in development.  Hard to believe it's taken so darn long just to make a piece of jewelry...well, actually it's not just any piece of jewelry.  It's a multi functional interchangeable locket.  So exciting! 

  Encouragement &
As my Mom always said, "plan your work & work your plan".  Well, let me just say that I've had a plan, then another plan and another....just when you think things are on track there seems to be a glitch.  Indeed, I've learned to adapt and be flexible and rethink, and then rethink some more...Plan A,B,C,D,E,F,G...and so it goes.  
My hope of being able to launch and sell the Lovee locket collection has been pushed back. It was recommended by a consultant to get the word out and begin selling my Nibble charms.  Not exactly what my initial plan was, but nonetheless it makes perfect sense.
At this time I am extremely pleased and proud to introduce you to my Nibble charms.  May I ask you to visit my website and at least check them out.  Also, please visit my Facebook page and "like" it.  Sales will only be online via my e-commerce website, and for the most part advertising will be social media.  That's where you come in and can help me.  Won't cost you a penny, merely pass on and share this info and share on your Facebook page...the more people I can reach will ensure the best chance of seeing the power of the internet.  Let's see how many we can reach.  And of course, you may just want to buy a Nibble for yourself, or as a gift!!!  They are affordable and have been created with love for everyone to enjoy.  Maybe someday you can look back and remember when the Nibble charms were born, and this will bring you a smile that you first heard about it from me!
The journey continues, the Nibble charms are here. Stay tuned for what's next in 2018, the Lovee lockets are a work in progress as we work out the technical details, but the day will come when you'll be able to buy them too!
For today, please join me in sharing my charms..and a heartfelt thank you & Happy 2018!