Summer Solstice

Summer brings promise of sunshine and warm weather for my fellow Central New Yorkers and I.  Summer also means camping, bonfires & s'mores for some people and beaches, vacations & sunbathing for others.  However you choose to spend your summer months, I wish happiness, good thoughts and joy to all my family and friends.
My journey with Lovee is like the 4 seasons; Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.  Every few months I review my progress and re-evaluate the road ahead.  With the summer solstice in our wake, I have spent some time doing just that.  I've begun switching my website over to Shopify, which is a self contained e-commerce site for online stores and retail POS systems.  I've begun to think about where I need to be when I launch Lovee for mass production and am eager to take advantage of the upcoming Holiday season.
In order to re-evaluate I've had to review my progress.....this is necessary but not always fun.  I've had to be open and honest with myself about what I could have and should have done different in order to understand what steps I need to take in order to be successful.  It's not always easy to admit that I don't know everything....because I am close to perfect ;-)   I've listened and taken to heart all the words of encouragement and constructive criticism from my family and business advisers which is why I'm ready to kick this journey up into high gear.  Out with the cold and slow winter/spring months and in with the warm and upbeat summer season!
Stay tuned for my next blog because my progress will be speeding up and my updates will be plentiful.  I'm excited to continue this journey with everyone and remember that nothing worth having comes easy.  Make it a Lovee Day!