Save the Tears

A question that I’m asked weekly is, “When will Lovee be for sale?” and my answer is always, "Hopefully soon". Consistency is important and I’ve certainly been consistent with that response! The question that follows is always “What’s the hold up?” with my response being “Lovee needs to be 100% perfect before I allow anyone to invest in the product”. To the select few of my friends, family and business partners that hear about my challenges and struggles with the manufacturing process, most can’t believe I haven’t thrown in the towel yet.

Honestly, quitting is NOT an option and if it takes me several more months then so be it. There are times I become frustrated and borderline impatient, and a thought pops into my head that "darn it, why can't this be easier?" and for a split second I feel like crying. But in a flash I have that reality check and I remind myself to "save the tears".   Things have happened in my life recently and there have been tears, the kind that hurt to the core of ones' heart. There are tears of sadness and joy, and for me to even think of having tears for my own selfish business reasons is something not even worth the effort. So I say "save the tears" for all those other moments that are much more deserving. Our lives matter, people matter, so cherish what you have when you have it. Lovee will happen, it's not worth tears of frustration, impatience or irritation, although perhaps tears of joy when my product is ready to share. 

Lovee will be ready when it is ready, and I don't have an exact date when that will be. Recently, there has been a shift in what the first product will be and this will result in changing up what I had initially planned. But it's all good!  Change is inevitable and has to be ok…and in this case it does make sense and will allow things to happen sooner rather than later. That day can't come soon enough for me. Rest assured that I continue to plan and think about the next steps to take on a daily basis. A couple years ago I can remember thinking that this path I am on shouldn't be that difficult... after all, how hard can it be to make a Lovee.....ahhaaa, well, the answer to that is that it was a whole lot easier coming up the idea for this awesome design than it has been to actually have it physically made and manufactured. No kidding, I am not a rocket scientist and just might take one to help me get Lovee off the launching pad! Stay tuned...and as always Make it a Lovee Day!