Our Promise to You

Quality. Consistency. Timely Deliveries.

The LOVEE is a very personal project for us, something we’ve taken great pride in developing from an idea that popped into our head while driving to a real product that we could see, touch and share with others; a product of the highest level of detail with outstanding quality materials. At first it was fun and exciting and everything was moving right along. We began the manufacturing process over a year ago, working extensively with one manufacturer to get the details just right so that we could share our vision with all of you.

One problem has continued to plague our relationship with our manufacturer: missed deadlines. As you may know we held our big reveal party at the end of March, 2016. We were promised that we would have the first small order of each of the different designs weeks ahead of the party. As that deadline passed we were repeatedly assured we would still have the order by the time of the party. Finally that promise dropped down to an assurance that we would have one LOVEE in one design in time for the party. Those of you who were in attendance may have realized that, while we had many early versions of the LOVEE there, the final model was missing (in fact, it still hasn’t arrived!).

It is one thing for us to be waiting on delayed orders and broken promises, but it is quite another for us to start accepting pre orders and leaving our customers waiting on delivery from a manufacturer who has repeatedly failed to deliver on that metric. LOVEE has the potential to help too many people for us to tarnish the LOVEE reputation by continuing to work with a manufacturer that won’t be able to meet production demands.

With that in mind, we have already begun the process of screening for new manufacturers who can meet our demands for quality, consistency, and a timely delivery. Over the next two weeks we will be receiving examples of product and bids for production from several manufacturers who are interested in joining #theloveemovement .

It is important for us to be confident that we can provide our customers with the quality, consistency, and timely deliveries that they deserve. Because of our concern about being able to fulfill the promise of timely deliveries at this time, we regretfully announce that we must temporarily postpone the opening of pre-orders until we have established a new manufacturing contract.