My Average Day

Juggling 2 jobs can be a challenge. Many of you understand the long hours most of us put into a “regular” day, add to that the time and effort it takes to prepare for a new product launch and the many details that coincide with that. My “day job” of being a realtor keeps me busy with tending to my clients needs and putting out fires that seem to happen daily.

Fortunately for me, I like my work and enjoy my clients, it’s a constant “never know what the day will bring” type of job. Every day, I make time for Lovee and have been on a mission to find a investment casting company who can make my Lovees in the USA. Wow, quite the eye opener. Who knew that Lovee was so darn complex and requires such precision that I’m been declined more often than I can count. Truly amazing that many jewelry manufacturers have said they can’t help, so I decided to exhaust foundries across this great nation…guess what….I received the same “sorry, we can’t help you”. The common response was my design was too detailed or they only deal in large volumes. Can’t cry just have to chuckle to think that these same companies have no problem making medical, auto and aerospace pieces, yet Lovee seems to be something they shy away from. To think I created this awesome specialty locket and that it’s posed such a time consuming project for me boggles my mind. Yet, here I am day after day making calls, sending emails and constantly doing google searches Thomasnet searches, Zycon searches and MJSA searches… it never ends. Those who know me can attest to the fact that I do not give up or give in… I am on an important mission. Until I accomplish it I will do what is needed every day, and Lovee will be made and sold and I will have a proud accomplishment under my belt.

Utility Patent PendingThe journey has been like a roller coaster, often disappointing news then a glimmer of hope that is followed by rejection. Next day brings more encouraging news, then once again a let down… this has been the “constant” in every day. Yet I know and believe that soon I will have the manufacturing puzzle worked out. Once again I’m in discussion with some companies and my optimism is always high, as this is the only way I know how to proceed. I look back at the last 2+ years and see what I have done. I am ready to launch as soon as I have inventory. I feel it, believe it and look forward to selling Lovee to all those who will enjoy the beauty, functionality and features. To date here’s what has been done, success in the little things:

  • Trademarks- 2 (one for logo and one for written word “LOVEE”
  • Copyright for Lovee Jingle
  • Lovee YouTube video/commercial (professionally made)
  • e-Commerce website
  • Custom retail boxes (already have inventory)
  • Lovee essential oils (already have inventory)
  • Watch bands (already have inventory)
  • Essential oil scent pads already have inventory)
  • Facebook business page
  • Lovee Reveal Party – awesome party sharing Lovee with family & friends (it had been a secret up to this point)

The next BIG step will be the announcement that Lovee is ready to go- once I can officially kick off the LAUNCH and TAKE ORDERS will be a day to celebrate.