Lovee Time: Debbie's Double Duty

Debbie Burr, founder of Lovee, is just like so many Americans out there – working more than one job in order to make a passion and dream come true. In this episode of Lovee Time, Debbie shares her double-duty life, working two full-time jobs.

The Lovee concept came to be about three years ago. During that time, Debbie was a successful realtor. Over that time, Debbie has taken many steps and gone through many hurdles to make Lovee a reality. Now, with nearly all of the pieces in place including branding, marketing and product designs, the final steps of are resting on the manufacturing process.

When she is not thinking about different research and development for Lovee, or continuing to piece the puzzle together for the Lovee business, Debbie is putting together the pieces for her clients in her real estate business – working with buyers and sellers to purchase and sell houses. She has high goals in her real estate business in terms of what she wants to accomplish each year and she carries that goal setting mentality into the Lovee business.

Her long-term vision for Lovee includes many goals, potentially even getting buy-in from a Shark. While she waits for that vision and the Lovee dream to become a reality, Debbie keeps her spirits high and her passion going. Check out the video to learn more about Debbie Burr!