Going to your Happy Place.

Every one has their own happy place that they can get lost in and enjoy the moment.  It could be being with family and friends, a special place/event or doing what you like to do.  For me, seeing Lovee evolve, brainstorming ideas and bringing those ideas to fruition brings me to a special happy place. On a personal note, in addition to spending time with my family, a favorite past time is going to listen to awesome local talent and enjoying live music. We all have our own special gifts, even now I'm not sure what mine are but I sure recognize the talent of musicians.  I love watching someone perform and being able to feel their energy and sense of enjoyment with what they do. I'd like to think that Lovee is helping me find my own little niche, more importantly I'd like to think that Lovee can truly be a way for others to express and inspire themselves. Lovee time can be anytime, just be happy, humble and kind, and love one another.
Music is a universal language that can bring people together for a variety of reasons. Whether it be songs that bring tears of joy, sadness or stir a memory we all have our stories and music can be a common thread.  For both those on the stage and the listening audience it can help ease pain & sorrow.  This world has enough crazy stuff going on so it sure is refreshing to share some happiness, joy and LOVEE.  An inspirational quote that comes to mind is "Life is a song, just sing along".  As I reach for my own dreams I hope you can do the same, and keep on dreaming and find your happy place.  Find your own Happy Place and along the way don't forget to Make is a Lovee Day!