Going Beyond Jewelry


Lovee is so much more than a piece of jewelry. It’s a feeling. It represents something more than what meets the eye. We’re proud to offer products that touch the heart and stand for something special. No matter who you are, we hope that Lovee can make a special addition to any jewelry collection in a uniquely unmatched way and multi-functional design.

Standing for Something

We didn’t just want to make jewelry, we wanted to make something that truly means something to those who wear it — Lovee was created to stand for something: Lockets Of Vision, Encouragement and Empowerment. Each part of Lovee – vision, encouragement and empowerment, finds a home in our multi-functional jewelry design and the uniqueness that each piece has to every person, depending on how they use the jewelry.

Beyond that, we are passionate about promoting awareness and education for charitable causes. Every month, Lovee designs a locket representative of the charitable organization and commits a percentage of the proceeds of those locket sales directly to the charity that we pledge our support to that month. We even hold a contest for our customers to submit designs that represent charities they are passionate about. We make sure the design of the locket best represents that organization and what they stand for, and every time that locket is sold, a portion of the proceeds goes directly to that organization.

Unique & Beneficial

Finding jewelry that is both useful and beautiful is a challenge… trust us, we have tried! That’s why we are so passionate about Lovee and everything that it stands for. When you wear Lovee, you get a sense of well-being by offering affordable, multi-function jewelry that can hold aromatherapy, wellness, and even cosmetics. The best part about Lovee is that this jewelry can doesn’t compromise artful design in order to offer those unique benefits. Thanks to the Lovee locket, whatever is important to you can be within your reach and close to your heart at all times.

It’s an Experience

When you receive a piece of Lovee’s multi-functional jewelry or if you choose to give it as a gift to someone else, you will have the greatest experience we can offer. Not only do we make our products here in the USA with the utmost quality, but they are all made in a way that gives you the ability to personalize and display self-expression. We wanted anyone who wore the multi-functional jewelry to be able to display a favorite memory, something they care about or do something personal for yourself, like hold your keepsakes, cosmetics or aromatherapy. Lovee is an experience. A unique experience that touches your heart.

There’s No Specific Feeling

Lovee is unique to anyone who owns a piece of this multi-functional jewelry. The feeling that you get when you wear Lovee isn’t specific and it isn’t something that we tell you to feel. That feeling you get wearing Lovee is just as unique as every person on this planet. Lovee celebrates individuality and that is why every piece is created in a way that lets you make it your own – you get to determine what you feel when you wear Lovee by what your jewelry represents and what that means to you.